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The F Project: Pleasant Hill Exhibition

Among other things, 2020 has been a year of innovation. Traditionally, the F Project closes each year with a fabulous celebration in the Fletcher Jones’ Gardens that includes markets, music, food and performances, but this year we’re doing things a bit differently. We’re holding our first Augmented Reality Exhibition!

Artists are invited to create a 2D artwork and we’ll exhibit it in the garden through Augmented Reality technology. Using a recent model smartphone, people will be able to see the artworks floating in the air in the garden where they were created!

It’s an exciting concept that will allow audiences to view the exhibition in their own time, and in a pandemic safe manner. Artists will be able to sell their original artworks, and they’ll be eligible for a share of $2,000 in cash prizes, kindly donated by the Fletcher Jones Family Foundations.

Artists will have until midnight on November 15 to submit a 2D artwork.

  • Works must be created live at Pleasant Hill, and may be any traditional media. Drawings made digitally (using a tablet live on site) will be eligible. Photography will not be eligible.
  • On completion, the artist will submit a digital image, title and price via email.
  • The F Project will create an AR version of the artwork and create an on-site AR exhibition. The digital artworks will be ‘hung’ in the gardens, near to where they were created (QR codes will be placed on the position where the artist worked).
  • The audience will be able to view the works in the garden using their smartphone. The AR experience works through a web browser, so no App is required.
  • Artists can choose to have their artworks available for sale through the F Project website. We will also direct traffic to artists’ websites or social media pages.
  • Prizes will be; $1,000 First Prize, $500 Second Prize, $250 Third Prize and $250 Youth (under 18).